STA Level 2 Online

Our Open Water Swim Coaching Qualification.

Designed to instill maximum efficiency

and confidence in the water

If you’re looking to take your love of open water swimming to the next level, this course is a great online option for both existing swimming teachers and experienced open water swimmers. Because this course is largely online, you can learn about the theory of open water swimming coaching from wherever you are. The course includes a final in person practical day as part of the qualification process, within this day you will put your coaching skills into practice coaching the other participants of the course.

Our online course is STA approved and will arm you with everything you need to become confident in coaching open water swimming, whether it be in lakes, lochs, rivers or the ocean.

This course is also regulated by Ofqual and meets CIMPSA’s employer-led coach professional standard as well as being an internationally approved qualification. We also deliver this course in person, so for those that prefer a more hands-on approach and live within travelling distance of London or want to make an event of it and stay in London, then this option could be a good option for you.

The online course is taught using Zoom for video conferencing – on booking, don’t forget to download the Zoom app and create an account.

Course Dates

For the online course you must complete 3 days on Zoom,
followed by a half day practical assessment.
Please pick both dates from the list below when purchasing.
Practical assessment dates will need to be a minimum
of 1 week after the final day of your 3 day theory course.

Zoom Sessions
Zoom coaching take place on the following 2023 dates: (9.30am – 14.30pm daily)
• 28th, 29th & 30th March
• 25th, 26th & 27th April
Practical Assessments
Practical assessment 2023 date and location option:
• 22nd April, 9.30-13.30 : Charlton Lido
• 3rd June, 10.00-14.00 : Shepperton

Course Details

Length of Course

3 days online (9.30-14.30) + Half day in-person (4hrs)
and around 5-7 hours to complete portfolio work


3 days theory is online via Zoom
Practical assessment at one of our in-person locations

Price of Course

The price of the course for 3 days online
& Half day in-person is £550.

This includes the course registration, all
learning material, lifetime access to the closed
facebook coaching community, and also 3 months
free access to our SLS membership.

SLS Membership

We have included 3 months access to our
SLS membership allowing access to a vast
library of additional learning modules
to support the qualification, and your
further learning. The membership also
includes live, and recorded monthly
events to support all coaches.


To take the Level 2 Open Water Swimming Coach Qualification you must meet the following prerequisite requirements:
  •  Be at least 18 years of age
  • Submit experience on your open water experience, either a completion certificate form an open water event, or the official timings, if you haven’t done an event then a witness statement form someone you regularly swim with would be ideal.

*Straight-Line  Swimming requests a minimum of 3 coaches per practical date for it to go ahead.

What kit you will need for the course:

What to Expect

Days 1, 2 & 3 : Online

Zoom: 9:30-14:30

Days one to three are delivered online. During these three days we will equip you with all the knowledge you need to become a confident open water swimming coach. Topics we will cover are:

  • SWIM Coaching principles
  • Safety and legislation required for coaching in the open water
  • Session planning
  • Open water skills and equipment
  • Skills on how to take swimmers into the water for the first time, right through to training for an event.

The next step on your qualification journey is to complete course work. This will include a full risk assessment and 3 session plans with a mix of technique and open water skills. Your portfolio of work is to be completed no later than a week after your practical session. We suggest allowing a minimum of 3 hours to complete.

Day 4 : In-Person

On location: 4 hours

On day four of your qualification journey, you will travel to your practical venue, where you will put your learning from the theory days into practice by coaching fellow candidates in the open water, as well as completing a Multiple Choice Questionnaire Paper. The half day practical session will include;

  • Multiple Choice Questionnaire Paper
  • Coaching trios exercise
  • Deliver your prepared coaching session

Good news, you are nearly qualified! After your practical session you will have (hopefully) completed and passed both the MCQ and your practical coaching session. The final step is to complete your course work, you have one week to complete post practical. Once the tutor has marked this, you will then become a fully qualified Open Water Coach.

If none of these dates work for you, enter your email address below to keep up to date on new date releases.

The Straight Line Swimming Facebook Community

The support doesn’t stop once you’ve earned your qualification. Enrolling in this course entitles you to access our closed Facebook Group of fellow open water swimming coaches and is an exclusive group only for those who have completed the open water qualification with Keri-anne. It’s a safe space to ask questions, get moral support for coaching, running your open water coaching business and meet other coaches and swimmers in your area. Keri-anne is an active member of the community and regularly contributes to discussions. Straight Line Swimming wants to encourage the growth of this invigorating and challenging sport and support it’s coaches as much as possible. So you know that once you’ve qualified you have a friendly and helpful community to support you in your journey, every step of the way.

Not Sure Which is the right course for you?

Our approachable team are at hand to help guide you to the best course for your coaching needs